Education Article in Lincolnshire Life

An article written and published from my week of work experience at Lincolnshire Life Magazine in April 2014, for the May issue. The article outlines the expected changes to the GCSE system in schools starting from September 2015.

During my week there, I edited advertisement to fit onto a page (p. 118), helped to collect a list of local events (pp. 112-116) and accompanied Caroline Bingham to Doubleday Swineshead to watch an interview for an article. I was shown how other areas of the magazine were created.

Lincolnshire Life Education 2014

Lincolnshire Life (p. 69)

^Click Link to View Scan^


‘Starting from September 2015, a new brand of GCSE will come into effect in England. The two most obvious changes to the current system are the scrapping of modular exams in favour of examinations at the end of a two-year period, as well as the changes in grades, which will be swapped from the current A* (highest) to G (lowest) grades, to grades 8 (highest) to 1 (lowest). Grade 4 will become the new ‘pass’ grade.’

Note: The pdf download on their page was broken the last time I checked, so I’ve provided a terrible-quality scan of the article at the top.

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