About Everyday English

A blog that has finally been created to continue my research and writing after university.

The posts will focus on my interests, which include (although are not limited to) literature, language and history. Hopefully the blog will gradually evolve, though for now the goal is to keep up with what I enjoy. The posts may start out small in order to inspire and motivate me to write more regularly.

– Stephanie

About the Author

I am a native speaker of English and a recent English graduate of Manchester Metropolitan University. This year I will take a Master’s degree in English Studies, with units focusing on the Gothic genre. I often enjoy proofreading texts that are written by others and plan to do this more often. This blog will help me to learn more about language, particularly grammar, and share my research on literature. Different versions of English fascinate me, along with learning about the manners and etiquette of other cultures. If you’re also interested in these things, please also feel free to follow my Twitter, where I share articles other than my own.


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